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I am from India. I come from a small but very famous and religiously important town called Allahabad located in the north-central state of India called Uttar Pradesh. For my early schooling I attended St. Joseph's College, Allahabad. I have one older sister and three older brothers...reads like a 'My Family' essay I used to write in 3rd or 4th grade.



Nothing too weird to be a computer science student, but if you guessed gaming then you are wrong. Sometimes, and only sometimes I enjoy cooking.


PhD Story

I have been in the PhD program since Fall 2009 and the peak of this hill is yet to be reached. About this hill, once a friend told me a story which he heard from Dr. Nicholas Kraft. It goes like this, "PhD is like trekking, there is not much at the top, so you better enjoy the journey." Here I am trying to enjoy the journey, and it should end pretty soon.